About Us

Happy Pets, Happy People

Pet Shop Soo is a comprehensive pet online store. We want to offer the best products with the best prices and service to our customers and fur kids, and it’s a goal that we proudly deliver on. What kind of products? Every kind you can imagine.

So, why Pet Shop Soo?

Because from the time you read this to the moment you receive your products, every step along that shopping experience have been thoughtfully considered and fine-tuned by us at Shop. Everything from the products we carry to arranging for delivery is designed with you and your fur kids in mind

Most importantly, we share the same passion as you. Pets have always been an essential part of our story. Just like they’re part of yours.

The speed at which our customers receive an order plays a very important role in customer satisfaction. So at Pet Shop Soo, we have put a lot of focus to meet our delivery time commitments to you. We deliver 7 days a week and as quickly as possible.

The confidence we carry to deliver on our promises come from the solid partnerships we have with our suppliers. It’s these healthy relationships that ensure you are always delivered the best quality and prices every time. Great experiences can only happen through great execution.

Your shopping experience is our top priority.

Whether it’s people who work for us, or people who work with us, we value honesty, passion and the desire to explore. We believe these values and behaviours combine to create a culture in which our employees can thrive. A culture that allows our employees to focus on doing their best which leads to exceptional customer service and operational excellence.

We're excited to start this journey and to get to know you. Let’s create an amazing relationship together.